Sound Bath with Reiki at Hot For Yoga

Sunday, December 5th from 5-6pm
$35 to Reserve your Space

A Sound Bath is an acoustic sound healing journey that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind, and activates your body’s natural healing systems. Bring a blanket, pillow, inflatable raft, or yoga mat and create your most comfortable space then lie down and allow the cosmic vibrations to wash away stress and all that no longer serves you. We use a wide variety of ancient sound healing instruments, including planetary tuned gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and more to create a sound healing experience that will vibrate and activate every cell in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Gloria and Angela are a Sound Healing team. They create a chamber of healing vibrations that revitalize the mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling amazing.

Sound Healing influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways:

  • Activates Higher States of Consciousness
  • Unlocks Blocked Emotions
  • Relieves Anxiety and Stress
  • Induces Complete Relaxation
  • Promotes Deep Meditation
  • Heightens Clarity
  •  Improves Ability to Concentrate

  •  Relieves Insomnia

  •  Decreases Depression

  •  Normalizes Blood Pressure

  •  Relieves Physical Pain

  •  Release Emotional Trauma

GONGS ~ The gong vibrations impact the body and its meridians. They release blocks, reduce tension and stimulate circulation. The gong changes the feelings that are blocked by cutting the thoughts that sustain and recreate the feelings.

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