The Nasty Truth About Hot Yoga

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So I’m sitting at a coffee shop yesterday, and I overhear two people talking about hot yoga. One of them says she doesn’t do hot yoga because it’s “super nasty.”

I’ve heard a lot of weird comments about hot yoga throughout the years. People say things like:

  • It’s too hot!

  • I’m not in shape enough to do hot yoga!

  • I’m inflexible!

  • I’m just not comfortable with the idea of sweating so much!

It’s kind of a lot of BS! So, let’s talk about the nasty truth about hot yoga!

The truth is all yoga uses heat. The heat is the best tool we could offer to help you succeed, especially as a beginner. It’s not meant to be oppressive. Your body is designed to deal with heat. That’s why we sweat. Sweating is one of the most important necessities of a health routine, so it’s really something that’s quite pleasant. The more you practice, the more you appreciate it because it facilitates movement safely in the body, so you’re not going to cause any jarring or high tension pressure. When you practice in the heat, you get some huge added bonuses that are otherwise difficult or not possible to achieve, such as super deep detoxification, an incredible cardio workout and vasodialation effecting the body on a cellular level.

Saying you’re too out of shape to do hot yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath! The truth is, hot yoga doesn’t get you into shape. It effects your entire being in a holistic way and helps you optimize your physical, mental and emotional states. It’s not about getting into shape. It’s about being the best version of yourself.

One thing’s for sure…with a regular hot yoga practice, you have less stress, less tension in your body, feel more like yourself and it’ll have you rolling around with that beautiful yoga glow!

If you look at the highlight reel of InstaGram and other social media, it’d have you believing that yoga is a bunch of people with super fancy clothes, 8-pack abs and their foot behind their head. Does yoga give you 8-pack abs and get your foot over your head? Sure it does, but that’s not the goal. The goal is optimal health. We’re just people who want to be healthy and feel good so we can do normal things like take care of our kids, be great partners, sleep well at night and feel super comfortable in our own skin.

What I love the most about our community is that we have people who are 13 and who are 80, people who are flexible and who are strong, people who’ve never worked out before and people who are professional athletes.…same class. Get strong, gain flexibility, de-stress and keep it all in balance.

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