Bikram Yoga Santa Clarita is as good as it gets!!! I am a huge Bikram Yoga geek…I try every and any studio I hear about, needless to say I have been to many. The thing I love about Bikram Yoga is you always know what your going to get 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. But the great thing about Bikram Yoga is that each studio has it’s own unique personality. The Santa Clarita studio stands out to me as top notch studio. I love the floor, comfortable, clean, and a terrific surface to practice on. The heat is wonderful, very even throughout the room and consistent day in and day out. The heat is also in fared heating and I know that is a deeper heat and works more internally which is especially good when you are practicing deep stretching in Bikram. My most favorite is the cold lavender towels at the end and soothing music the teachers play. It keeps me in my savasana a little longer and it is the best thing to look forward to after a hard class. The studio is clean, plenty of space and most importantly a really friendly atmosphere!!!