This studio is fantastic! A friend kept telling me to check out Bikram yoga to help mitigate chronic pain and dissatisfaction I was feeling from regular gym workouts. I finally did a Google search, and was surprised to find a Bikram studio only minutes from my new house. I read up on Bikram, checked out the studio’s website and decided to go. The owner/primary instructor is wonderful. She was very welcoming and accommodating, and I gave it a try. I was hooked on the first class. I signed up for the first two introductory weeks, and then joined as a monthly member. The location is convenient, there is plenty of parking, and the instruction is great. It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before, including classic yoga. That heat takes a little getting used to, although I made it through the first 90 minute class. The key is to drink plenty of water and be hydrated before going in. It’s WONDERFUL on the muscles and joints to stretch and do poses in a heated room. After just a few weeks, my body feels stronger, leaner, toned, and my skin looks better. I sweat dripping wet in class -you can imagine the toxins that are being released. At the end of class, the instructor places an (optional) cold lavender scented towel on your forehead during final savasana. Heaven! I have also taken the hour-long hot Pilates class, which is also fantastic. Challenging, but do-able. It feels great! The Bikram yoga and Pilates are both challenging for beginners, and even intermediates like me. BUT, both are well worth it. You go at your own pace, and the atmosphere is nurturing. People don’t stare at each other or judge. Everyone is on their own journey. The average attendance is 4 to 10 people in class. The room is plenty big enough and everyone is very respectful of the other. I HIGHLY recommend this studio, and hot Bikram and Pilates for anyone searching for a challenging and satisfying – with no impact- physical activity, to augment a regular exercise program, or simply to get in touch with yourself and your body. I feel blessed to have found Bikram Santa Clarita!