I had always wanted to try Bikram yoga, and I’m so glad that I did! Ravinder is an excellent instructor! She is super friendly and does an excellent job explaining the poses as you go. The class is very structured by nature but she makes it feel fresh by injecting her great personality into the class whenever she can. I have a new found respect for anyone who goes to bikram hot yoga, it is not easy I won’t sugar coat it lol. But how you feel afterwards (both short term and long term) makes it well worth it! I’m not blessed with great flexibility but I never feel like I’m not able to participate. Whether it be thru encouragement or suggesting a modification of a pose I feel comfortable doing most all the poses. The studio is clean and well set up. I would recommend this studio to anyone who is interested in bikram yoga! They also offer a great Pilate class as well which I’ve tried a couple times, excellent workout! All in all 5 stars