This was my first hot yoga studio I’ve been to in over a year and my first yoga class outside of the bay area. I’ve been to about 6 hot yoga studios in San Francisco and San Mateo so I’ve had both really great and mediocre experiences and my expectations are definitely high.

Hot for Yoga absolutely exceeded my expectations! It was a great intro back into hot yoga and Janna has done a fantastic job. She was friendly yet assertive about our postures. I’ve been back 3 times and I look forward to come back more!

A few things:

– it’s hard to tell if the room is unusually hot or I am just not used to it yet but this has to be the hottest studio I’ve been in!
– I’ve had a few instructors in the past who played light music in the background and it was really helpful! It took the focus off of the heat and made the time go by faster.
– I feel like the main sitting area/lobby needs more seating. There are some fabric couches but I am not sitting on a fabric couch after I’m a sweaty mess. More sweat-proof benches would be great!

Regardless, I’m still super happy this studio exists and I definitely hope it will help me in many ways!