The real deal is in town. I was anxiously anticipating the opening of @Bikramyogasantaclarita since the end of last year when I caught wind of its arrival on social media (Instagram). I’ve tried two other “hot yoga” studios here in Santa Clarita. I won’t mention their names but they were slightly gimmicky. I’ve been to other hot yoga studios out of state that stuck with the traditional Bikram standards but the few here in town aren’t up to par. One blasted techno music during the session and skipped a couple postures. It felt more like an aerobics class minus Richard Simmons. The other studio shared the same shortcomings plus the room just wasn’t hot enough. Im no expert but I just didn’t feel challenged, nor was I able to focus in those environments.
Traditional beginner Bikram Yoga practice has 2 breathing exercises included in the 26 postures. 25 of the 26 postures are done twice in a room that is sufficiently heated to allow your body to open and become pliable enough to move into the postures without injury. Each posture leads up to the next in perfect sequence. This allows your mind and body to keep order. First awakening your body, working it to strengthen, compressing and lengthening, repairing and detoxifying. So skipping, removing or rearranging the sequence is not beneficial, and doing that to a techno soundtrack is a chaotic rave.
Ravinder, the owner and head instructor has this studio dialed in. Both breathing exercises are done. All 26 postures are practiced in proper sequence in a “hot room” that is hot enough (40-41 degrees celsius) and humid (40%) the way it’s supposed to be. Her energy is kind, encouraging, and her instruction is clear. She keeps watch over all the students during class giving correction when necessary.
The facilities are nice new and clean. There’s a shower and bathroom in the men’s dressing room and I’m sure there is the same in the woman’s dressing room.
If you’re looking for a “Hot Yoga” home look no further. Bikram Yoga Santa Clarita is authentic.