I’ve been practicing yoga at Hot For Yoga for about 3 weeks. I started practicing to improve my mental health and self image. I had a few tough years and as a result I put a guard up against people and my opinion of myself was shattered. I developed depression, anxiety, and trust issues and I was destroying my body and mind as a way to cope. I tried yoga at other studios and at LA Fitness. The classes/instructors there did not have the effect that Hot for Yoga’s instructors and environment have on me. The Hot for Yoga instructors are happy and kind. The studio is beautiful and clean. The atmosphere is welcoming. Ravinder has a calming effect in her voice that soothes the anxiety I feel going into something new and uncomfortable. She makes you feel like you’ve known her years. Ryan has an upbeat personality that I was immediately drawn to. They’ll make you feel good about yourself. Both of them are easy to talk to and make you feel like you belong there. The classes are exhilarating. The other students are very kind. And there’s even a hot Pilates class! Overall it’s a fantastic environment. I can’t stress enough about how much I love this studio! I’ve noticed a change in my negative thought patterns already! Also, a welcome change in my body. So If you’re looking for a studio that keeps clean, feels like family, doesn’t judge, and respects where you are in your journey and/or If you’re nervous and anxious like me: Look no further than Hot for Yoga. It’s the best studio in SCV.