Definitely 5+++ stars!

I have been doing various yoga methods for many years and have been to many studios (  Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc) and Ravinder’s studio is the best by far…. The studio is always SUPER clean unlike many of the bikram/hot studios I have been to. The community and instructors are welcoming, friendly, encouraging and warm.

During Covid closures even if we had to practice outside or via zoom the teachers & community were there to support each other through it which really helped us stay flexible and socially connected. i think it made the difference for all of us to stay sane!

if you are first timer coming into hot bikram style yoga this studio is perfect. the instructors (Ravinder, Janna, Karen) are encouraging and warm not crazy strict or stuck up. People are super friendly and supportive which is what a yoga place should be all about.  They also have many other classes such as Vinyasa, Warm Pilates, Yin stretch, and Meditation so you can try all of them.

Trust me it’s so much better to do any types of yoga in a warmer environment: it helps you stretch better and become more flexible esp with injuries, not to mention the deeper healing results. There has been many different discussions on whether hot yoga is really helpful, and many people dispute this from a scientific stand point, etc. I can only say from my own experience and that of many people i know first hand that the heat + 26 poses method is REALLY therapeutic in the most amazing ways ( from back injuries to menopause issues ! ) – you can really feel it from the inside after a just few sessions.

When i first started hot yoga many years ago I had major neck, back, hip problems not to mention that i feel cold and catch colds all the time. After just a week of hot yoga I can really feel my body change from the inside and i have been hooked ever since ! I think this is why all the intro offers are for a month so people can get a few sessions in to see for themselves.  The first class is going to feel different than the usual vinyasa so be sure to talk to the instructor ahead of time so you can prepare for it. Even though many of the poses are similar, It’s different than vinyasa in that you have to hold each of the poses for 60 seconds in the heat, which REALLY helps with meditation, concentration and flexibility.

Stick it out for at least a week to see results. Usually after class I feel like floating in air for the rest of the day ! And it doesn’t matter what age you are or if you have never tried any yoga, you will feel the benefits very quickly.

So definitely do try this and definitely at this studio. You will be addicted!

See you here soon !